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>> stay with us for "good morning americic good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in fairfield. it's finally quiet on the scene of a massive fire here, but the question now is, how much damage did it do to the air? >> we've got a fatal accident happening in oakland where the 29th street off-ramp is closed at fruitvale. we've got a live san behind me. there is a fatal accident and nick smith is there and will be covering start to the rest of the morning. >> good morning. we're looking at temperatures in the mid 50s in san francisco. a warming trend is under way today right after the weekend.
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>> also the family of missing nursing student will hold a vigil today. >> it is 4:31. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm kerry eric thomas. >> a fatal accident on an offer ramp in san jose. >> we have a ramp closure. 880 freeway is open in both directions in oakland. as we mentioned there is a police investigation ongoing with this fatal accident. off-ramp 29th remains closed and remains closed most of the morning. we've got a live shot. let's take a look and see what is happening. once again, police are on the
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scene and nick smith is there and covering most of this. 880 freeway is open. 23rd avenue, if you've got to get on and off the freeway, 23rd avenue because the 29th, this was taken earlier this morning, 29th off-ramp and will result very slow traffic on 880 because of rubber-neckers and nick smith has much more after 5:00. thank you very much. on to top stories in torronto a huge fire heavily damaged a plastics factory. they are searching for hot spots. people who live nearby are advised to stay indoors. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> had they are working on the air air.
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firefighters called it a night after 8 1/2 hours of fighting the fire but now the big question is what kind of toxic problems it has created for us in the air. the plume of black smoke could be seen as far away from oakland. it was burning as many as 30,000 plastic bins. the company makes those plastic bins that are used by farmers. firefighters found it extremely hot making this fire a huge challenge for them. investigators say workers at the plant started the fire. >> we have confirmed with the business owners and employees on site that that they did have employees with working with some type of open flame device. i don't have details but probably a blowtorch or welding in that area. >> no major injuries were reported. about 120 firefighters came to
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help out with this when it reached the sixth alarm. they even received help from travis air force base. they finally stopped putting water on it about 9:30 last night. macro plastics has been here for 20 years and never had a fire like this. 45 workers -- 45 people work here. at this point it's grateful that everyone evacuated safely and everybody is okay. live in fairfield, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." fairfield authorities used reverse 911 call system to call residents living within a mile of the fire advising them to shelter in place. officials say if you smell the smoke stay indoors because smoke from burning plastic is highly toxic. >> it's the worst type of smoke you can encounter. it's definitely a witch's brew. >> it's a danger. i agree.
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this is dangerous stuff and especially plastics. >> the warning of the dark clouds didn't stop people from driving to the area to take a look. you could see the smoke even from the central valley. >> investigators are certain that gunfire and a shooting of police officer in the area is due to smoke operation in the area. they searched for two gunmen. monday night a park officer was on patrol when he was fired at but wasn't hit. they believe they were pricked a marijuana grow. the neighbors in the area are unnerved by the incident. >> they are heavily armed and we have been noticed. >> you should look your front
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doors. >> as a precaution, park officials closed one hiking team. search teams won't reveal anything if they found anything during the search. >> it's been two months since the nursing student disappeared from a kaiser permanente in hayward. her car was found in a nearby neighborhood. a vigil will be held at 6:00. the past two months have been exhausting but the family is determined to find her and find her if she is alive. they believe she was murdered. $100,000 reward is posted for michelle le's return. >> they are identifying the bart police officers that shot and killed a transients at the bart station july 3rd. that officer. >> they say there is no reason to believe that the use of force
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represents anything wrong. a bart spokesman would not confirm the name saying they would only be released after the pending investigation is complete. >> california's law requiring to teach gay and lesbian studies in social studies is being challenged. there is a ballot referendum to overturn it. government signed the bill earlier this month. opponents say they november business writing history books. that should be left to historian answer academic experts. it will teach students to respect each other's differences. >> an east bay animal shelter is on the verge of closing. humane society says it needs to raise $125,000 in the next 30 days or it may have to cut
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employees. contra costa times reports that 98% of the society's half million operating buy comes from donations and they are way down this year. because of the poor economy the shelter has more animals because pet owners can't afford to take care of them. >> it's 4:38. the warmup starts today. we're warming up to average. >> lease is in for mike this morning. >> you are right. temperatures around normal this morning. we do have the low clouds and fog around the bay. it has not made night the livermore valley. good morning fremont, 58. 55 in san francisco. sun coming up at 6:09. highlights this morning, low clouds, the fog. a thin layer, about thousand feet. further south around the monterey bay a little bit thicker but quick burnoff. that is why we're going to warm up and temperatures will peak over the weekend. finally that weak trough or series of weak troughs have
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kechtd temperatures down is moving to the north and east so the big bubble of warm air is headed our way. high temperatures away from the bay area, they've been warm but at our coast not much in the way of fog. 67 degrees in san francisco. 78 in palo alto with upper 80s in livermore. 90 in antioch. 81 in san jose. look ahead, couple degrees warmer each and every day with the warmest numbers over the weekend. sue has the latest on a fatal accident. >> it's probably going to wreak havoc. we have police activity, 28th fruitvale off-ramp that remains closed. there is an ongoing investigation with an earlier high speed pursuit involving the chp that involved a fatality. the off-ramp will remain closed on the investigation is ongoing and nick smith is there. we'll have more from him in just a little while.
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this is going to result in slow traffic on the 880. you may want to use the 23rd exit. golden gate bridge, very heavy fog through waldo and across the span this morning. still ahead. new traffic warning you need to know about if you are planning a trip overseas. >> with the clock ticking, why did john boehner postpone a key vote? i'll have details coming up. >> a little later on, drawing dozens of students from around the world to google headquarters to [ female announcer ] did you know nine out of ten growinkids don't get the recommended amounts of whole grain and calcium? that's where their favorite cereals like trix and cocoa puffs can help. general mills big g
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morning. northbound 880. 29th avenue off-ramp. will be closed for the foreseeable future. >> state department warning americans traveling to be extra cautious. al-qaeda's new leader is planning on targeting americans everywhere to avenge osama bin laden's death. a senator al-qaeda leader in somalia was carrying computer files indicating an attack. >> probably the most significant terrorist threat may be in somalia. >> other groups are planning terrorists attacks in u.s. interests around the world. >> in the debt show down is gone to slow down. white house is talking veto and
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voters are angry. latest in the ongoing threat to the nation's financial health. >> there is a heightened sense of urgency in washington before the nation hits his credit limit. house speaker john boehner declared the legislation that would raise the debt ceiling through next spring. but yesterday, the congressional budget didn't agree on the plan. the boehner didn't cut the deficit by as much as advertised. now back to the drawing board. speaker burned off a vote tomorrow pledging to rewrite the legislation. he has more time to round up votes. meanwhile, more than a dozen conservatives in the house and senate introduced legislation to prepare for the worst. if the debt ceiling isn't raised by august 2nd. >> two of the top priorities is ensuring social security checks and active military paychecks will go out.
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but they continue to insist it will not get to that pointed. the government will not default. it is 4:45. >> they said i do but uncle sam says no way. what investigators say was the real motive behind some sacramento weddings. >> a campaign to build a local dog park. >> and heavy rain is washing homes in south korea. >> and they handled food but at least they had each other. next, the amazing pets that survived for months after the devastating earthquake in new zealand.3q my name is ashley. i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that brilliant shine. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free. can help your kids' scho get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instrents.
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only lysol neutra air sanitizing spray sanitizes the air and kills 99.9% of bacteria at the source. two reasons why with lysol a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. good wednesday morning. potent thunderstorms in the great lakes. you can see pulling out of minnesota but so far no airport delays. it remains sticky in the lone star state with temperatures hundred degrees.
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if you need more weather, we have local forecasts, check out website at thanks a lot. >> in pacifica dog lovers will unleash the power of the internet to get their pooches a new place to play. they have entered a contest to weigh a new dog park. all they need you to vote for them. >> meet cash, the star of the canine video for dog lovers. it seems like cash can't find any place to play in pacifica. no matter how heart he searches. >> dogs have to have exercise. i have had people say to me, i am forced to break the law every day because i have to exercise my dog and there is no way to do it. >> janet started pooch the pacifica organization for canine
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helpers. they worked tirelessly to build a dog park. they found a perfect spot. >> this space was so perfect we were drooling. >> the pooch group has won over the city and managed to convince the neighbors. one thing they needed for cash to lose the leash is money. >> money for cash. that is all we need so cash can have a place to play. >> she hopes the video she produced will win them that money in an online contest called bark for your park. it won an award for neighbors and won pacifica in the final 15. >> in order to win the contest. we need people to vote. >> the grand prize $100,000 toward building that dog park. in pacifica, jonathan bloom, go
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abc news. >> if you want to cast your vote find a link on our website at and click on see it on tv. >> it's 4:50. today's the world's most popular search engine will test the brightest students on their knowledge of the globe. teams will gather today at google for the national championship. alex trebek will ask questions about geography but only one can be crowned as world champion. it starts at google headquarters at 10:30 this morning. >> answer, low clouds and fog. >> what is the bay area. >> in the form of a question. [ laughter ] >> we are looking at a warming trend finally across the bay area. we are looking at low clouds and spreading into the east bay.
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not quite making it into the valleys. we'll see a quick burnoff. temperatures in the 50s. about 50 degrees in san rafael. 56 in redwood city. 58 in san jose with 60 in livermore this morning. so we've had the deck of low clouds and fog hanging around and sea breeze picking up most of the afternoon across the area today. changes again with the burnoff quicker and we'll get warmer temperatures. continue to warm a little bit day by day for the weekend. you see the warmest weather. for today, clouds make their way just to the east bay and then by 8:00, 9:00 they are burning back. we should see sunshine in san francisco by 10:00. with that the temperatures coming up a little bit today. then below average, you know that. that is all because of a series of low pressure systems continue to slide down from the north and keeping us cool. much of the rest of the nation has been really sweating it out with that sultry hot air and
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temperatures well above normal. we won't see the triple-digits but a degree of warming, 80 today in los angeles with the fog burning off. look for 104 in palm springs. upper 70s in the northern sierra. beautiful conditions in lake tahoe. upper 70s to sunnyvale. peninsula look for mid-60s with afternoon clearing. half moon bay. 7575 in san mateo, low 80s in los altos. san francisco, upper 60s. south city is sunny afternoon with 68. hell in petaluma. near east bay, couple of 60s but upper 60s for berkeley and oakland. then a little cool. low 70s in oakland. 75 union city and warming up into the upper 80s for concord. 85 in dublin. 88 in walnut creek.
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down by the monterey bay, 67 there. here a look at seven-day forecast. warming up today by as much as five degrees and then just a little bit of warming each and every day. the numbers warming into the mid 90s inland by the weekend. good morning, sue. good morning. a trouble spot remains in oakland where the off-ramp, 29th and fruitvale remains closed due to police activity. a high pursuit resulted in a fatal car accident. it will remain closed. there is police officer blocking the ramp there and the 880 will remain open. this is just the off-ramp in the northbound direction. we've got a live shot for you now. nick smith will be there after 5:00 to give us more. 23rd avenue is your alternate. >> san rafael we had road work but other than that an accident northbound 101 in novato at highway 37.
4:54 am
very heavy fog coming through the golden gate this morning. is the place to go for all your traffic information. click on bay area traffic. a federal grand jury have indicted 14 people on charges of arranging fake marriages. they say the ring leader set up 39 marriages charging as much as $20,000 to get around u.s. immigration laws. most were from russia and ukraine and eastern europe. >> we're not talking about downtrodden people that are looking for a way to get to a better life. people we're talking about people making a profit. >> they could face up to ten years in prison. >> the lawyer for the man accused of oslo shootings says
4:55 am
they he is legally insane. he told him he attacked a summer camp to inflict maximum damage on the party for failing to keep muslims out of norway. he also says his client took drugs before the attack to keep strong and awake. yesterday they blew up a cache of explosives. >> at least 32 people are dead and ten are missing after flooding and landslides and resort town in the north. in southern seoul fast moving water filled the streets. ten students were killed. there was a dramatic rescue for people that scrambled on to the roof of a partially submerged vehicles to escape the water. water also filled subway stations and flooded about 800 homes. about 15 inches of rain fell there. >> scientists in northern california have a theory about
4:56 am
gold fish were able to survive 134 days without food or power without their tank filter. their owners were forced out by a deadly earthquake. more than 180 people died in the quake. owners were allowed back this month and they found the goldfish were okay. bacteria may have kept the water clean and probably fish ate algae. their names are shaggy and dafne. >> and police are warning neighbors about a mountain lion. and deal ending the n.f.l. lockout may be a double win for the 49ers. financial boost they could be in line for to build the new stadium. >> live to nick smith for the very latest for the deadly chp
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crash that has closed an off-ramp at 880 on in oakland.
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